Morning Star Foundation

The Morning Star Foundation is a Christian based charity foundation situated in Basel, Switzerland. The foundation is registered in the commercial register under the number: CHE-256.558.835

Aim of the Morning Star Foundation is to support elimination of poverty worldwide by providing and implementing innovative and creative business systems in poor and rural areas of the world that easily through short term education can be managed by locals. These business systems shall help local societies to become independent of foreign aid programs and funds and to regain dignity and hope as humans.

The Morning Star Foundation denies anyone‘s right to exploit other fellow humans and to profit from poverty and illiteracy. Therefore one of the core business areas of the foundation is to detect and eliminate areas where unscrupulous people profit from helplessness and misery.

Healthy foods, medical care, clean water and access to education are essentials.

The Morning Star Foundation is funded through innovative IT Systems with worldwide patents which provide for charity projects in India presently and worldwide in the future.

The Foundation offers aid to the needs of every human being – independently of color, culture or confession. The Foundation’s funds are used 100% for the work in needy areas – no administration fees or labor costs are subtracted.

The Morning Star Foundation encourages you to invest a part of your assets in the innovative and profitable IT Systems that funds the Foundation. You will achieve returns beyond the capital market index and at the same time contribute to a better world - for the exploited, the poor, the sick, the old, the homeless, the abandoned, the exposed, the hungry and the needy. Millions of people – mostly children – are dying every year due to lack of food or due to bad nutrition caused by exploitation and greed. This shouldn’t happen.

Help us to build a better world
- Werner Paulus, Founder and President